I Can Haz Accessories!

Welcome to Day 6 of my week of posts on the well-dressed homeworker. We’ve talked about all sorts of things this week and I’ve really enjoyed reading all the comments and hearing what you’ve got to say – thanks for taking part (and if you’re coming to this later on, please do still have your say!).

Today I want to talk about what we wear when we do get out of the house. The main thing I do out of the house is networking. Well, networking might be a fancy word for it: I’m quite well established now and not always out touting for new business, but I like to get out and about, chat with my peers, exchange ideas and find out how everyone’s doing. I also love putting people together who could help each other. So, yes, networking.

What do you wear when you’re out and about on business?

For networking, I seem to have developed a bit of a uniform: skirt or trousers (usually my trusty black-jeans-that-don’t-look-like-trousers), a jersey top, and a cardigan. You can see from the top picture that sometimes I even manage accessories: there I’ve managed a brooch, a ring and a watch! Wow!

A skirt!

Sometimes I even manage a skirt. Actually, even I, devotee of hoodies and fleece, like to get a bit dressed up now and then, and I do have some lovely things in my wardrobe which aren’t really that suitable for my everyday activities of sitting at my desk or going to the gym. I love my bright skirts from H&M and don’t really care that the A-line knee-length skirt is out of fashion. I have also admitted in the past that the Social Media Cafe, run by the always exquisitely groomed Karen (see  her link to her lovely nails in the comments on Monday’s post) is the only thing that makes me pluck my eyebrows and makes sure I can still get earrings in.


I look quite the businesswoman here, don’t I, with all my bags! But I’ve still got my trusty DM shoes on …

But looking through the photos from the Cafe (all taken by the lovely Adam Yosef from Punk Zebra – if you ever need fab photos of yourself, go to him) I do notice a horrible reliance on a few cardigans that crop up time and time again. Do I need a new “capsule wardrobe” or is it not worth it for about 20 outings a year (I did do a presentation a while ago and really struggled to find something to wear to that. I was being a case study of someone who’d used social media for her marketing, I was among other small business people, and I could only find one outfit I thought was suitable.)

It’s tricky, because it’s not the suits of my formal office days, or the polyester trousers of my office girl days. I want to look a bit nicer, a bit more informal, maybe a tiny bit more up to date (although I’ve been ranting about the prevalence of smocks and puffed sleeves and detailing in current clothing for a couple of years now, none of them good for a short, high-waisted, small lady with broad shoulders!).

Do I need to go personal shopping or just trawl through TK Maxx? Has my trousers-cardi combo got stale? What should I do? What have you done in this situation? Would you like to take me shopping? Help!

And …

What are you wearing today?

Should I just stick with my homeworker uniform for all occasions? (Picture to come)

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