Oh dear – I went charity shop shopping the other week and my TBR has now reached epic proportions again! This is the whole lot, including a massive pile of Three Investigators books I picked up at a charity shop. I usually move the Pile out of the way when I photograph my TBR, as it tends to consist of a pile of books in French (which I have now relegated upstairs, admitting that I may never read them) and books that are further on in a series than I have got at the moment (which are on top of the middle pile in the pic), so didn’t count as pressing TBR, as they were reliant on me a) suddenly getting an urge to read French and b) getting to those books in the series. Anyway, here it is in all its glory.  The Three Investigators might move out of the way for next time, but they will be being read in the meantime!

What am I reading at the moment? Well, I notice that I have made some progress through the TBR I had in November (even though I’ve added lots on the end). I finished the history book, read 15 pages of Cotter’s England and picked off two short novels which had impelled some of my re-reading (all those reviews are here). I also finally finished my Thomas Hardy for Sept/Oct – The Laodician – which I very much enjoyed and will be reviewing soon. But the fact remains that I did finish only FIVE books in November, bringing my total reads for the year to just 106.

Dec 2012 readingIn my defence, the Hardy was quite long, the history book was long and dense, and I also started my two current reads in November. The Michael Foot biography is simply marvellous, it really is. I’ve been taking it to the gym (sometimes my only opportunity for reading!) and the hours have sped by. So well-written and interesting, not hagiographical, but clear and logical. I can’t wait to get my hands on the author’s Callaghan biography, actually. The other current read is a very interesting one by Michael Muhammad Knight – he’s a bit of a contentious author, having written “The Taqwacores”, a novel about a devout Muslim hardcore punk band and their friends which had some fascinating things to say about Islam and about music. This one is a non-fiction account of his travels through the Islamic world as an American convert to Islam, and it’s so interesting but requires quite a lot of concentration.

Dec 2012 to readComing up next, well, first I must discharge my duties towards Thomas Hardy and Elizabeth Taylor. The Hardy is Ali’s November-December book in Ali’s Hardy readalong, so I really want to get that read by the end of the month, and the Elizabeth Taylor is the last in the LibraryThing Virago Group readalong of her novels. I didn’t review one last month because it was “Mrs Palfrey at the Claremont”, which I read back in May, but this is the last one and I’m itching to complete the set …

So, that’s me. Millions of books, hopefully some time to enjoy them, and a Month of Re-Reading coming up again in January. What are you planning on reading in December?