scribbly booksNow I’ve accepted that I won’t get “Daniel Deronda” finished by midnight (I’m half way through its 899 pages at 6 pm …) I can, copying my dear friend, Ali, reveal my Top 12 for 2012.

Note: I review several books in each review post, so you may need to scroll down to find the appropriate review.

Fiona Joseph – “Beatrice” – excellent biography of the unconventional Cadbury heiress who tried to give away her fortune to the chocolate factory workers

Francis Pryor – “The Making of the British Landscape” – a marvellous read covering history, geography and geology

Elizabeth Taylor – “A Game of Hide and Seek” – like Ali, I’m only allowing myself one Taylor and one Hardy, and this is the Taylor

Georgette Heyer – “The Grand Sophy” – this was the year I rediscovered Heyer in a big way

Thomas Hardy – “The Return of the Native” – read it to death for A level; still love it now

E. M. Delafield – “The Diary of a Provincial Lady” – a reread of a beloved set of books

Charlotte Bronte – “Jane Eyre” – there’s always something different to find!

David Goldblatt – “How to Watch the Olympics” – I couldn’t ignore the Olympics and this explained EVERYTHING (I don’t seem to have reviewed this on here – will add a review later)

Victoria Eveleigh – the “Katy” books – marvellous new pony books just as good as the old ones

Kenneth O. Morgan – “Michael Foot” – a wonderful biography, so sad when it ended

Dodie Smith – “The Town in Bloom” – felt like a re-read even though it wasn’t!

Carol Fisher Saller – “The Subversive Copy Editor” – how could I not?

Interestingly, five re-reads and five new reads. Four non-fiction and six fiction, which vaguely matches my stats for the year: 116 read of which 79 were fiction and 37 non-fiction

Honourable mentions go to two more re-reads:

Paul Magrs – “Exchange” – slightly magical realism and a mention of something dear to my heart

Jane Austen – “Northanger Abbey” – laugh out loud funny, honestly!

“Daniel Deronda” will be one of my top reads for 2013, though!