Mar 2013 tbrWell a bit of a cheat in this pic, as I’ve already removed some books from the TBR to read, so it looks smaller than it is. Because I’ve got a wodge of fairly similar books coming up in the strict “read in order of acquisition” sense, I’ve decided to pick and choose some books to read this month. Shocking! (how do you pick the next book to read from your TBR? Do tell!)

Mar 2013 next to readSo I picked off all the BookCrossing books, because I’m feeling a bit guilty that they’ve been languishing for a while, and I fancy some fairly light and jolly reads, which all of them apart from the Living With An Asperger’s Person one look like being; then I’ve got one Iris Murdoch book (bought at the conference in September) which will hopefully compel me to get on with my research, and one language book from my little extra pile (language books and books in series) as I keep skipping over those. I think that looks like quite a nice little pile. Have you read any of these?

Mar 2013 up nextAnd then the two upcoming Reading Project books: Hardy’s “The Woodlanders” (it seems ages since I’ve read a Hardy, as I did “Mayor of Casterbridge” right at the beginning of the Month of Re-Reading In January) and Barbara Pym’s “Jane and Prudence”, which will be the next two I start after finishing Georgette Heyer’s “The Toll Gate”.  I think I’m going to be reading “Sense and Sensibility” along with Ali over Easter, too. Is that in March?

By the way, I read thirteen books in February, which is pretty unheard of these days. I’m definitely managing to build more reading time into my days now. The highlight of last month was “Capital”. What will be the March highlight? What do you think?

Do let me know what you’re planning to read in March as the days grow longer and the daffodils bloom (if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere …)