Mar 2013 more confessionsI’ve decided that it will be good for my soul to confess to new book acquisitions on here – an idea shamelessly stolen from my friend, Ali, although she has a static page for it and I’ll slip a blog post in when it happens (which will get me more exposure, tuts and censure …).

So, M and I went for a coffee today to celebrate the last day of his (and sort of my) break from work, and we then somehow fell into a shop which just happened to have a lot of books in it … In my defence:

  1. They were a POUND each. A POUND. It would have been rude not to, frankly.
  2. I was able to claim the resultant £4 charge from Bank of M, a lovely birthday thing we do now where a sum of money is put aside for me to demand presents from whenever I choose!

So, really, they don’t count. Right?