Mar 2013 further confessionsSo now I’ve started wondering if I’ve got into a twisted thing where I buy books simply because I’ve got to then confess to you, my readers … Hmm…

Today I had a rather nasty dental appointment. One tooth, broken on holiday gnawing on that sticky, hard honeycomb stuff (well, I was at the seaside, what else are you supposed to do?) and one with an elderly filling that needed to be removed and patched up*. I came out after 45 minutes of being mauled and hauled around, neck stiff, mouth numb and swollen … and managed to find my way across the busy High Street and down the road a little way (still heading home) to the local Works.

And there was a wall of 3 for £5 books, and there were Georgette Heyers! Um, and this one, which was recommended by Jonathan Franzen and The Guardian and looks a little different from my usual reads, being about a group of College students in America (so really a campus novel). Anyway, it looks good for a try.

Mar 2013 further confessions 2And then the Georgette Heyers. They don’t count, see … because I’ve read them all before and I’m just buying them so I have them all (I read them all in those lovely hardbacks with the pale green dust covers from my school library in my teens. Remember that edition?) although I will of course re-read them.

And now, I find that I feel a bit low and sad and pained from the dentist. So what better to do than take at least some of the afternoon off, reclining on the sofa reading Thomas Hardy, in order to get onto the next books, in order to allow these lovelies their space at the very end of the TBR shelf, working their way up towards me …?

Mar 2013 further confessions the forgotten onesEdited to add: And then I looked in a bag on the sofa, and realised that I had forgotten these three, picked up at the cafe on Sunday. The Working 5-9 one I can claim doesn’t count, as it’s a BookCrossing book and I’ll be getting it read and taking it along to the next Social Media Cafe. But the other two, pressed upon me by our friend Bridget (and it must be admitted that I was not unwilling to have them pressed upon me; quite the opposite, in fact) cannot be said to Not Count in the slightest. Oh, well …

* I feel I should point out that I have always had weak teeth, all my dentists have confirmed I look after them as well as I can; and when I went on my anti-cholesterol diet, which does involve a few sweet treats here and there, I a) checked the balance of sugar and savoury in my diet and found it was around the same, owing to the lack of biscuits and chocolate, and b) had a special chat with the dentist about it. So it’s not the fault of the diet, it might be my sweet tooth, and it is definitely the tooth issues I was born with. So there.