So, I tried changing the name of this blog from “Adventures in Full-Time Self-Employment” to “Notes on self-employment, reading and writing” but that’s a bit dull (say people on Facebook: and they’re right).

Can you think of a good title?

You can win … um … endless gratitude, a book from my BookCrossing Availables, your name and link to your blog or business placed prominently on a post … kudos … karma … you get the idea.

What the name must get across: there will be posts on

  • Self-employment (from a personal point of view)
  • Books (reviews mainly)
  • The books I’m writing (non-fiction)

What I don’t like:

  • Mention of Busy / Bizzie Lizzies

The url will stay the same as that’s a pain to change and I have links between this blog and my other one …

Edited to add – this new theme shows the tagline, which is useful!


Thank you!