May 2013 tbrWell, here’s my TBR shelf at the beginning of May, and I’ve actually done alright, haven’t I – if you compare it to the April picture, a lot has moved around but it’s not that different in size. I did manage to read twelve books in April, and I don’t THINK that many came in, so all is well and calm and good.

I’m currently reading May 2013 current 1Andrew Marr’s “Diamond Queen”, which is much more than the book of the TV series that was shown last year to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee (not a shred of bunting on the front cover, although it is mentioned inside and features in some of the pictures. This is absolutely fascinating, so well done, with Marr’s characteristic turns of phrase throughout, and so many details of monarchy and administration which are really very interesting indeed. I’m up to the early 1970s at the moment, so we’re nearly up to the bit where I thought the Queen was named after me (I was five in 1977 …)

May 2013 current read 2My paperback/gym read is the all-too-enticing “Why We Run” by Robin Harvie. He’s a man who decided to become an ultra runner. I’m a woman who has decided to train solidly for the next half marathon then see how far I can get myself running to see if I can go in for a marathon. He’s a fair bit younger than me – but ultra runners aren’t in general that young, because you get more bloody-minded and tough the older you get. We’ll see what this inspires me to do, shall we …

May 2013 coming up 1Coming up I have three project related books. First is Ruth Ozeki’s new one, “A Tale for the Time Being”, to read with Matthew. We’ve enjoyed both of her previous books so this one was a no-brainer when he found it on Audible. I wonder if anyone else fancies joining in.I’ll be reading this along with Matthew’s progress in the audio book, so I’ll have something else on the go at the same time, I’d imagine. It’s really interesting reading books at a slower pace, and I very much enjoyed our last project, Capital, so this looks like it will be an enjoyable experience, too. Why not join in!

May 2013 coming up 2May 2013 coming up 3I have to wait for Matthew to finish his current audio book before we launch into that one, so in the meantime I then have the May-June Hardy and the May Pym. Both of these are re-reads, and I’m looking forward to both of them. I’m particularly pleased that I have the Hardy in the Wessex edition, as it saves me having to read it on Kindle and not know where I am – isn’t this a lovely book, outside and inside, probably bought in Hall’s Bookshop in Tunbridge Wells when my friend worked there and gave me a discount and I collected many of the “pretty” books I have on my special bookshelves (either side of the bathroom door on the landing …)

May coming up allOnce I’ve got those done, this is the first section of the TBR – mainly blue books, as you’ll see – I have no idea why, as they’re all on different topics, fiction and non-fiction, published at different times! There is quite a lot of non-fiction and autobiography on there and some interesting and fun reads.