cakeWe popped to the King’s Heath Farmers’ Market today, mainly to buy some soap, and my eye was drawn to a chalk-on-blackboard sign that read “Vegan cake”. Because vegan food doesn’t use animal products, as long as it doesn’t contain vegetable oil, it’s often very good for we low-fat eaters. I meandered slowly ran to the stall and questioned the stall holder about the ingredients.

Flour … almond flavouring … coconut … sugar … spices. Whoo hoo!

I had a lovely chat with the stall holder, Joan. I explained why the cake was good for me, and asked her how she invented it. Oh, it’s been around for years, coffee morning after Church, that sort of thing, and she decided to make some to sell. There were little bits to try, and even though I’m not the biggest coconut fan in the world, cake with coconut in that I can eat is miles better than cake I can’t eat. Joan’s keen on feedback and we talked about other flavours and ingredients she could try – cherries, spices, and I truthfully said that if she made a Jamaican ginger cake flavour version I’d buy the whole thing. I also suggested a) doing whole cakes to sell and b) including “no fat” on her little sign.

I also told Joan I’d tell my blog readers about her cakes. She’s at the Kings Heath and MAC Farmers’ Markets every month; she hasn’t got a website yet but you can email her. I’ll add the website on here when it’s up and running.

Do you have a flavour you’d like to see? Would you buy a whole cake from the stall or via mail order? Pop a comment below and I’ll make sure Joan hears about it. Hooray for our vegan friends and the added benefits for those of us who eat fat-free!

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