A couple of incomings to the TBR to report. It’s looking quite svelte at the moment, still, although I have to admit that I’m somehow reading THREE books at the same time: a big, fat biography of Frances Partridge which is super, a lovely book about travelling in the Andes by dear Patrick Leigh Fermor which I’ve been reading in the gym, and a Joanna Trollope for those insomniac moments when only light reading will do …

May 2013 PonyThis is very exciting. We all know how much I love pony books, right? And some time ago now, I came across, via the Twittersphere, I think, a lovely lady called Jane Badger who has an online shop selling pony books. She has an interesting blog, too, and in fact I interviewed her for my Libro Small Business Chat series back in August 2012. Well, Jane has only gone and written a book about pony books! How could I resist that? You’re right: I couldn’t. In fact, I’m a bit late to the party, as the pre-order stock ran out. I know some of my friends have received and read it already! So this one will be promoted up the TBR pile – after all, it’s about pony books AND  it’s by someone I know, so how can it not be?

I can’t even resist that cover – so many lovely books! How many do I have myself? I’m not sure, but I know I’ll be poring over it and all the lovely illustrations forthwith. In fact, it was a bit difficult to resist sitting down and reading it as soon as it arrives, but I do have to earn the money that pays for these lovely books somehow … You can order the book from here, by the way.

May 2013 TonyAcquired earlier but definitely second in the excitement stakes, we’ve got (a rather dark) Tony. Remember how I read that very funny book about Margaret Thatcher earlier this year (which I didn’t completely love but the bits I did like were excellent)? Well, this is by the same Leo Abse, Labour MP, and by that I mean old school, Old Labour MP, taking apart young Tony. I can’t remember when it was published (and I’m sorry, it’s on the TBR now and I’m a floor away from it up here in Libro Towers), and it does look like it came out early in his reign, but it will be all the more interesting if it was written while he was riding that wave of popularity. Expect some potty training and dodgy reasons for what he did and how he behaved, if the Thatcher book is anything to go by!

And of course, being part of my collection of Political Biography, it doesn’t count. M picked it up for me from a pile of books a colleague was discarding – good spot!

Have you acquired anything new recently? Any confessions you’d care to share …?