Aug 2013Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I KNEW I shouldn’t have boasted about the minute size of my TBR last month. Because then this happened and I had a Month of Re-Reading which only took three books off the shelf…. and now it’s in the state you can see to the left. Oops! That doesn’t include the small pile of English language books and continuations of series, much less the tottering pile of Three Investigators novels!

Now it’s All Virago All August, which is a reading activity (I won’t call it a challenge, because it’s all very non-competitive, just an opportunity to read and share) taking place in the Virago Group on the Library Thing online cataloguing website’s forum. Because it’s not a challenge with rules, I’m including in “Virago” any Persephone and Women’s Press books I might have to hand, as well as books by Virago authors such as the Bello ones I was sent just after my holiday.

Aug 2013 coming up 1So, once I’ve finished the current “one last Georgette Heyer” read, review coming soon, and in conjunction with my readalong of the “Spring” volume of “A Dance to the Music of Time” which I’m doing with Linda and Matthew to the pace of Mathew’s audio book reading, I’ll be reading … well, I’m not sure. I’m not going to rush them, but I’m going to make a start with the front of my TBR (pictured to the right) and work through all of the Virago, Persephone, Women’s Press and Virago authors books that I come across, still in order of acquisition. You can see some here – the Elizabeth Taylor short stories will be popping off the shelf and onto my bedside table for bed reading through the month, and there is a small crop that would have been coming up soon, anyway (two Persephones there, you’ll see!)

Aug 2013 coming up 2This is the back shelf of the TBR without its protective “books to read first” covering, and, again, you can see a smattering of Viragoes and Persephones, a Women’s Press biography and, near to the end (right hand side), a few Virago authors in the form of an E.H. Young and two Vita Sackville-Wests. I have counted around 18 there, and I do have a couple of train journeys to come this month, so who knows how I’ll get on!

So, plenty to keep me busy, although not much non-fiction, and if I crave some of that, I will dip into the other books, although I can see a nice September of Non-Fiction creating itself if I don’t.

Are you taking part in All Virago All August? Do you read Virago books? Have you got special reading plans for August? Do share – I do like to know what other people are up to!