July 2013 coming up Two last reviews from my Month of Re-Reading – the second of these was finished in August but started in July. And a little round-up too, of how I’ve got on with this latest Month of Re-Reading. First off, two jolly good Heyers. I have to admit cheating slightly, as I pulled three Heyer novels off my TBR, knowing that I’ve read them all. If I hadn’t had so many on my TBR, I would probably have replaced one or two of them with something else. But there you go!

Georgette Heyer – “Regency Buck”

(18 March 2013)

Judith and Perry, orphans, discover that their mysterious guardian is an odious and fierce man with whom they have both previously had rather embarrassing encounters. Trying to launch themselves into London society, they come into contact with him quite a lot, but are comforted by their supportive cousin, hitherto unmet owing to a rift between their fathers. But who is after their fortune and trying to bump off Perry?

We all start to suspect this shady guardian as the plot thickens … but is all as it seems? This one really does embrace the mystery genre that Heyer also wrote in – books that I’ve not read and don’t really fancy. This is close enough to her usual Regency romances to be OK, though. There’s lots of detail about the royal family, Beau Brummell and Brighton which adds to the weight of the book and adds more layers of interest – although it’s funny reading about the Duke of Cambridge from those times when the modern one has been so much in the news recently!

Georgette Heyer – “False Colours”

(18 March 2013)

My last Heyer TBR! This one’s an absolute charmer, if slighter than the last read. Kit and Evelyn are the identical twin sons of a still-delightful if flighty mother who is in a bit of a financial tangle. The only solution Evelyn can see is to get married and release the trust that is being kept from him at present because he, too, is a bit flighty. When Kit reluctantly agrees to impersonate his brother for what is supposed to be just one evening, he is dragged into further intrigue and realises to his horror that the lady in question is not right for Evelyn … The romantic storyline comes to a head somewhat earlier than is customary in Heyer’s books, which can leave it to the last page, leaving the rest of the book free to work out how matters are going to be resolved in the fine-mannered society in which they revolve. This also gives the heroine (or one of them) the chance to shine and be more than just a cipher.

There are some truly marvellous characters in the senior generation of this book, well worthy of an Austen supporting cast (there, I’ve said it, but you get some really funny secondary characters in Austen, don’t you!) and this makes it a real delight to read.

Month of Re-Reading: a Round-up

I had a very enjoyable month of re-reading again. If you click on the Month of Re-Reading category, you’ll be able to skim through all of my reads this month (and in previous sessions, too). I re-read 16 books in total (one started in June and one finished in August), which is way more than I usually finish in a month these days, but then 11 of them were novels and only 5 non-fiction, and we did have a week’s holiday early in the month.

Did I read all the books I set out to read (see the picture at the top of this post)? No, I did not. I never got to the Molly Moynahan to see if I wanted to keep it. But I did read all of the others, plus one by Stuart Maconie and several extra Barbara Pyms, because of going to the BP conference and worrying that I hadn’t read them all recently enough. Stand-out reads would have to be Magnus Magnusson’s “Iceland Saga“, Adam Nicolson’s “Perch Hill” and Jane Austen’s “Emma”, although there really weren’t any duds this time! I’m still reading “A Dance to the Music of Time” alongside Matthew and will finish that later in August (hopefully).

For August, I’m hitting the All Virago All August theme. Next Month of Re-Reading will be January 2014. I wonder what I’ll get up to then …

Did you do any re-reading in July? Because of this theme of mine or do you re-read throughout the year anyway?