Oct 2013 tbr Just a quickie as I’m in a bit of a work frenzy … and a horrendous state of the TBR, barely smaller than at the beginning of September (some of the books from the front shelf of that pic have moved back, as I removed a couple of books to read last month). Hm. In my defence, I only acquired three books last month, one of which I’ve already half read and given up on, and I have also finished two three-volume collections from the “A Dance to the Music of Time” series, which has taken up quite a lot of my reading time this last month. But very enjoyable time. Only one volume of that to go.

Oct 2013 next upOther books on the go and to come shortly are Thomas Hardy’s “A Group of Noble Dames” and a book on Iris Murdoch that I’m reading at the moment (the Noble Dames are the July-August Hardy read and didn’t feature in the September picture because they have been leant to me) and to come are Hardy’s “Tess” (the Sept-Oct read) and then I MUST read the last book kindly sent to me by Bello. Among those will come “A Dance to the Music of Time: Winter”.

Oct 2013 to readThen, and only then, will I be able to dip into the books in this picture, which does look suspiciously like last month’s … I do hope I will get to some of these tempting lovelies, but it all depends on work, unfortunately! Oh – I have those cat behaviour books balanced on top, they are for dipping into, and only the bottom two on the little horizontal pile are pending, as the novels are awaiting others earlier in the series … I have one book on order, another one for Libro purposes, all about how English learner’s first language affects their English, but I will prioritise the poor old current TBR before it gets to Christmas / Birthday season and it all goes pop!

What are you planning on reading this month? Are you TBR piles going down, gentle readers, or waxing full, or remaining static?