Dec 2013 TBRWell, it’s that time again, and here’s the current state of my TBR – not bad. About the same as at the start of November, I think? So books in has equalled books read and out, and I don’t think I’ve kept that many of the books I’ve read this month. I did  have another Did Not Finish, “The Tent, The Bucket and Me” by Emma Kennedy, which was amusing but a bit slapstick and icky for me (it’s the story of her grim childhood holidays getting covered in wee in tents, basically).

Oh – in much excitement, I was featured on Simon Savidge’s “Other People’s Bookshelves” blog series yesterday. It was a lovely chance to have a think about my collecting and organising policies, and it’s a really interesting series to read. Thanks again for including me, Simon!

Dec 2013 currentCurrent reading: I finished two non-fiction books yesterday in a nice sit down and read session after a fairly busy day, and the strict next one up is a travel narrative about the Silk Road, but as I’ve just read a travel book set in the Caucasus, I grabbed one off the next tranche of two books I madly bought in Sainsburys, and have started Marian Keyes’ “The Mystery  of Mercy Close”. Both poignant and laugh-out-loud funny so far (and I’m not far in), and with a handy guide to the Walsh sisters about whom she writes a lot of her book, I can tell it’s going to be a good one. “Just” chick-lit, you might say, but she tackles real issues and has a VERY funny way of putting things, too.

Dec 2013 coming upNext up I have all of these on the front shelf (and I haven’t forgotten that English language learning book I meant to read in November) except “Murder at Mansfield Park”. That one is going to get saved for “A Month of Re-Reading in January next month, or for February, as it’s based on Austen’s “Mansfield Park”, so will either get read as a re-read or I’ll re-read MP first then go on to it the next month. As you can see, these are mainly non-fiction apart from the fun-looking novel at the end which was sent to me by my kind friend, Verity. I usually do a fair bit of reading in December as I take a Christmas break and often have a few bus journeys (not many of my Libro clients take a Christmas break but I’m careful about the day itself), and I might pick one of the bigger books further down the list to have a good go at, too.

I will have a Hardy to read – “Life’s Little Ironies” – which I’m borrowing from Ali, but I’ve already read the Pym read for this month, “Civil to Strangers“, during my Pym-fest in July. I won’t be taking part hugely in the First World War theme read next year, although I will be re-reading Vera Brittain’s “Testament of Youth” in either January or July. Edited to add: how can I forget? I need to read the Barbara Pym book I bought last month so I’ve read everything I have by and about her this year …

Nov 2013 6One last November acquisition from my friend Sian’s daughter’s school fete – however, this is the only one out of the five that I bought there that I’m keeping to read myself (some Virago swapsies and others to BookCross made up the rest of them). I couldn’t resist a book by Bill Gates about doing business in the digital era – especially for 20p!


What are you planning to read in December? Any Christmas themed books?