a pile of books

Well, haven’t I been a lucky lady! I had a birthday on Tuesday,  not an exciting or big one, just a Douglas Adams-style one (some of you will get that). And my friends gathered together and made sure that I had plenty of books, as good friends do.

Icelandic Folk and Fairy Tales – this is registered on BookCrossing and I’m going to make sure to read it before and release it during our honeymoon in Iceland. Hooray!

Judy Budnitz – “If I Told you Once” – I know nothing about this: this and the three below it were bought by a friend to help me fill in my Century of Books project. This one is billed as an Angela Carter-like magical journey through a family’s history – looks very interesting.

Nella Larsen – “Passing” – I have heard of this book but never read it – the tale of childhood friends, one who ‘passes’ as white and marries a white racist, one who remains in Harlem and works for racial equality.

Ruth Park – “The Harp in the South” – an Australian novel about a poor family living in Sydney – again, looks very interesting.

Mary Lavin – “The House in Clewe Street” – I’ve previously read her “Mary O’Grady” and this looks to have a similar theme, set in working-class Ireland.

Angela Thirkell – “High Rising” / “Wild Strawberries” / “Pomfret Towers” – quite a few of my friends have been reading these light and interlinked novels from the 1930s, and I’ve been wishing I could, too, so I was pleased to receive this set of modern Viragoes.

Jeffrey Eugenides – “The Marriage Plot” – I adored this “Middlesex” and have had this one on my wishlist for a while. An appropriate title in this Year of Our Wedding, too!

Bob Harris – “The International Bank of Bob” – the story of Kiva and how it’s developed, Kiva being the microfinance loan organisation through which I regularly support entrepreneurs, business people and farmers around the world.

What a lovely haul and how well my friends know me (these came among notebooks, mugs, scarves, tea and appropriate gift vouchers, of course). Have you read any of these? What did you think of them?

Oh, and I know someone who I know through book blogging is a  big Beverley Nichols fan – is it Kaggsy or Fleur Fisher or someone else? Do get in touch, as I’ve been having a weed of my biography section and found a lovely elderly hardback of “The Sweet and Twenties” which I’d love to pass on to you. Hopefully you’ll see this. Oh, the weed? Well, it made room for the books that were sitting in piles in front of the other books, so I suppose that’s some form of progress …

Hope you’re all having a lovely January of reading – any re-reading going on? I’m currently enjoying “Mansfield Park” …