Feb 2014Well, the state of the TBR is frankly parlous at the moment. It’s all those acquisitions from December and January that have done it! But I am doing a nice lot of reading now, slotting in good chunks of book time, so I’m hoping that I’ll get going through it and reduce it to manageable proportions again soon. You can see, can’t you, that this shelf is double-stacked? Oops!

Feb 2014 currently readingA quick reflection on the Month of Re-Reading in January – it was pretty disappointing, to be honest. I finished eight re-reads, plus reading a book of Hardy stories and two e-books that I’d won from LibraryThing, so had to be read within the month. I didn’t have much reading time early in the month, and one of the books wasn’t great, so I felt cheated out of some of the ones I’d selected. One will go now, as I’ve not got round to it twice, and I will keep the others aside for July. I do like devoting a month to re-reading, so I will try again. I am still re-reading “Jude the Obscure”, which is excellent, and I’m so glad that I picked it up again after all these years, because there is a lot to recommend about it. My other current read is Simon Reynolds’ “Rip it up and Start Again”, a history of post-punk that I paused at the end of December.

Feb 2014 next 1Coming up next, I want to re-read the anthology of First World War poems, “Up the Line to Death” through the rest of the year, encouraged to do so by my re-read of Vera Brittain’s classic war book. So that will be on-going, with a section or two read per month. I think that will be my way of honouring the centenary of the start of the war.

Feb 2014 nextThe other books coming up are a bit of an overly green bunch, so I might have to do some judicious juggling. I am keen to read “Murder at Mansfield Park” reasonably soon, so I can see how it works off the Austen classic, but might do a Virago first. I wonder how many of these I will get through …

What are you planning on reading this month? How’s your TBR looking at the moment??