May 2014 whole TBRWell, here’s my TBR looming out of the gloom: it’s not that “good” in terms of numbers, is it, but it is full of great books. The trouble I’ve had this month is that I’ve been reading big, meaty tomes which have taken ages to get through – “33 Revolutions Per Minute”, John Major’s autobiography (still, as I write) and now the rather wonderful “Adam Bede” by George Eliot. I don’t seem to have got through many books during my week off, although there is one more review to add. Anyway, there’s the TBR, and the angle is obviously a little deceptive, because it looks like just one row of books, Two rows of books to readwhile of course it’s very much not just one row of books … I am almost up to books received for Christmas and birthday, although they do take up the equivalent of a shelf-worthington, so I’ll have to carve out some more reading time from SOMEWHERE as I’m itching to get on to these.

Books about IcelandBut of course I have designated May as my Month of Reading Books About Iceland, and so it must be, for we will be going to Iceland this summer when the ice has melted and the buses are running and we can see the places I’ve wanted to see since I was about 8 (well, I didn’t know about all of the sagas then, but you know what I mean). I have some super ones coming up and I’m sure I’ll be able to pick a few off the TBR to go in between, in the unlikely event that I get bored reading about Iceland (yeah, right).

Iris Murdoch booksNow to some LOVELIES. I’m not sure that these count as book confessions as such, because – gasp – I’m not going to read them! But I’ve fairly obviously read all of these a number of times before (“The Sacred and Profane Love Machine” being one of my early IM reads, as a teenager) and they are lovely First Editions. I picked them up on eBay after a tip-off from a fellow Iris Murdoch Society member, and Matthew ordered them for me from Bank of Matthew (Christmas and Birthday money fund) and they arrived today – very, very exciting. I now have four proper firsts, a third impression and a kind-of-first-as-it-was-the-first-publication-in-book-form. Whoo hoo (don’t go mugging me, now – IM is suffering from the dip in popularity that many authors experience a decade and a half or so after their death, so they’re not worth a huge amount monetarily – but a lot to me).

What are you up to with your reading? Any special themes for May?