Sept full TBROK, so here is the full TBR as of 1 September 2014. Please note that there are no books in front, that’s just one shelf from left to … well, towards the right. And a pile of books which don’t quite fit in the “read them in order of acquisition” thing that I do, because I’m supposed to be picking over the sagas and war poems this year, I have a large borrowed book I’d like to read by the end of the month (so I can return it) and I have those language books that I want to get read … but you know what? I think I will read some of those this month, and maybe something off my Kindle, too … because … this:

Sept TBRYup. I have a Gap. I just looked back, thinking maybe it was a time-of-year type thing, but no, September 2013 was truly terrifying. I do know that I really haven’t acquired many books recently. I don’t know why: I certainly haven’t lost my reading mojo, with 10 books completed last month, but all that seems to have come in in September is that Nick Hornby on the end. Wow.

Sept currentI do get a bit panicky at this stage, with thoughts of “What if I run out of books?” although with over 2,000 in the house and 10 charity shops on the high street, plus the 50-odd on my Kindle, I’m doing OK, and shouldn’t really run out. This is what I’m reading at the moment – I might well take the Sartre book to the Iris Murdoch conference to see if the atmosphere will help me get through it. “The Last King of Sark” is a quick coming-of-age read that I’ve nearly finished already, and “Wartime Women”, the book that I thought was a Virago but turned out not to be, is a bit more substantial, but enjoyable.

Sept coming upOnce these are done, I have these lovelies coming up – one Christmas one, one birthday one and then various charity shop acquisitions, which all look fun. I’ve got no more challenges until a Month of Re-Reading in January, although there’s talk of a book group starting in my Project 365 photo-a-day group on Facebook …

I’m also getting on well with Reading a Century of Books, with 29 read and 2 on the go, plus a couple of the upcoming batch fit into it. It’s nice doing that without a time limit, although I will have to start actively looking for some soon, I think, to fill in those weird gaps.

What are you planning to read for September? Has your TBR got smaller, too?