May 2015 To Be Read shelfWell, I’m starting this month off with a much healthier TBR shelf than I had at the beginning of April – sorry it’s not a great photo, but the front row finishes at those two lovely grey Persephones. This of course is down to the fact that, while I didn’t read much while we were on holiday in Iceland (blame social media – I’m going to learn that lesson for our next holiday), I have just had two weeks in flu hell, during which I picked off almost all of the easy books on the TBR (I still have a few Heyers et al. lurking on the back shelf) and read for comfort, and only comfort. Funnily enough, I note that almost the same books were on the front row last time, I’ve just picked off some of the interstitial ones.

I’m currently reading just one book, a biography of Dolly Parton which is exhaustingly detailed. Now, I like Dolly as much as the next woman, and have a Greatest Hits CD, but this is a LOT of detail. And a bit slow. Anyway …

May 2015 coming upComing up, well, there are some of the tougher volumes. Having said that, I’m really looking forward to reading Gillian Dooley’s book of various interviews Iris Murdoch did over the course of her life, but I am conscious that I will need to read that one with postits and pencil in hand – ditto the books that come just after it. But then there’s the delight of that Robertson Davies trilogy – I haven’t read anything by him for aaaaages – and then a Virago crime novel and a lovely Persephone, and then good old Tony Benn, which I will either need madly by then or read in celebration, depending on how the election turns out next week (ooh, political).

But first, I have some Kindle delights, because it’s time to pick up the first of Galsworthy’s “A Modern Comedy”, his next trilogy, set in the 1920s. Hooray! I’ll look forward to reading along with Ali, Karen and Bridget as with the first set. And I feel ready for Trollope now, so after Galsworthy, I’ll be straight on to “Barchester Towers”. I can’t wait!

How was your April reading? What delights have you got coming up?