20-books-of-summer-master-imageWell, I usually do single-author challenges (starting with reading all of Iris Murdoch’s novels in order of publication, then Thomas Hardy’s, which overlapped with a re-read of “Dance to the Music of Time”, and now I’m reading all of the “Forsyte Saga” this year (my reading of Trollope is just an obsession, not a challenge as such). I also take part in All Virago / All August (which includes Persephone books!) every August. But I saw this one on Heaven-Ali’s blog today and thought it might be a good way to pick up some books that are associated with my TBR but not directly part of it, as well as chipping away at the To Be Read mountain.

The challenge was set by Cathy over at the 746 Books blog (that’s the number of books in her TBR – eeps!). She’s set herself a challenge to read 20 books between 1 June and 3 September this year. Lots of people have joined her, and there’s a list of them on her challenge post. She’s kindly let me join a bit late – thank you again!

20 books of summer 1So, here is my first batch of books. I have two to add from my Kindle, too … We are “allowed” to post mini-challenges of a few books at a time until our 20 is complete, so here goes with my first eight!

“Sogur ur Biblikunni” – this is a book of Bible stories in Icelandic – for children – which I bought on holiday there in April. I don’t promise to have read all of this by September, but I want to have managed a couple of the stories in it.

“Oxford Guide to Plain English” by Martin Cutts – I have a little pile of language textbooks that are to be read when I need to or feel like it. This is one of them, and also belongs to my “Reading a Century” project as it fills in a year. It’s time to read it!

“To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee – I wasn’t going to, but I have got caught up in the excitement about the new Harper Lee novel, “Go Set a Watchman”, which is due out this summer. I really need to re-read “Mockingbird” before I read that one, and I think Matthew’s going to do the audio book, too. So I pulled this one out of the fiction shelves in anticipation.

“The Act of Reading” by Iser – I’ve only had this since September, and regular readers will know but new ones (hello!) won’t, that I read my books in order of acquisition. I’m on November 2014 in my reading now, and I keep skipping over this one because I bought it for my research and it’s going to be Hard. But I am quite capable of reading and noting it, and I’m sure I can do so before the end of the summer, right?

“Patricia Brent, Spinster” by Herbert Jenkins (not pictured: lives inside my Kindle) is another book that fills in an (early) gap in Reading a Century. Simon from the Stuck-in-a-Book blog heartily recommends it and it’s been sitting on my Kindle for to long.

“Clayhanger” by Arnold Bennett (again, inside the Kindle) is the first in a trilogy, the third of which fits in with Reading a Century. So I do need to read those first two!

“No Word from Winifred” by Amanda Cross and “Years of Hope” by Tony Benn are simply the next two on my TBR – reminders that I do need to keep chipping away at that, too, because there are some very good books on there!

So, hello to anyone new to my book reviews blog who has got this far and are any of my regular readers taking part in this challenge? There may be a book review coming later today, and I have at least 2 more (one read already, one part way through) before I’ll be reviewing for the challenge, so please bear with me.

Anyone else got any (other) challenges on the go?