20BooksofSummer logoI’m doing quite well with my #20BooksOfSummer now – I’ve just finished the 6th book of my first 8 and I’ll probably be hopping over this weekend to make a start on my next one from the new pile (see below!) as it’s time to dig out some Trollope on the Kindle. I’ve really enjoyed the fact that it’s “made” me pick books off the side-piles that I’ve developed around the TBR, so I’m picking out another of those to add to the new list, plus some that a good friend has lent me (she also told me about this challenge, so it makes sense).

#20BooksOfSummer – The Next Seven

So, here are the next six books. And yes, I haven’t finished 7 and 8 yet, but I’m nearly there and it’s nice to have something to look forward to, right?

First up, Anthony Trollope’s “Doctor Thorne”. My Trollope reading isn’t a challenge, but I do want to make sure I pick him up regularly as I so love the books of his I’ve read so far.

“British or American English” – this is the last book on my side pile of “work books” and reflects directly on the work I do. It’s been languishing for ages, so time to pick it up!

20 books set 2 1A couple of lovely loans from Ali …

Carol Ann Duffy – “The World’s Wife” – I don’t read much poetry but I like Duffy’s stuff and this is a set of poems about the wives of famous historical characters / people from myths, etc. and looks funny, subversive and clever.

“Our Hearts were Young and Gay” by Cornelia Otis Skinner – excitement has been whipped up by Simon at Stuck-in-a-Book and Ali bought, therefore I can borrow. This is a book about Skinner travelling with a friend and looks very fun.

20 books set 2 2Now, I should read all of my lovely loans this summer, but I should pick something off the TBR, too, so my last three are these.

“Unbridled Spirits” by Stevie Davies is about the women of the English Civil War and was given to me by my friend Laura.

Dervla Murphy’s “Through Siberia by Accident” is the first of my Christmas books, from the Birmingham BookCrossing Christmas do, and anything by this author is always worth reading.

And finally Ursula le Guin’s “Tales from Earthsea” – I’ve read all of her Earthsea books and this is short stories to accompany them.

These should take me up to 15, with 5 Viragoes and Persephones to choose from in August. Can I do it? I hope so!


Are you a #20BooksOfSummer reader? How are you doing with the project?