TBR August 2015So, here’s the state of the TBR as of today – not too bad, not too good. I read 11 books in July (three reviews coming soon) and that’s  not bad for me, and the TBR has definitely decreased a little since 1 July (I took some off the back row to read on holiday, which is why the front looks much the same). I’m making good progress with my #20BooksOfSummer project, and (with the unreviewed ones) have now got up to reading Book 9 in that list), and also, incidentally and partly because of that project, am chipping away at the Century of Reading, too.

August 2015 coming upI’m currently reading “Unbridled Spirits” by Stevie Davies, which is a history of radical women in the English Civil War / Revolution. It’s an interesting read, very much in a feminist tradition, with a mix of the polemic and partisan and non-traditional academic phrasing in a book full of research and in the academic tradition to a certain extent. There’ll be more on that later, as I’m not that far through it at the moment.

Aug 2015 AVAAComing up? Well August is traditionally All Virago / All August month in the lovely Virago Readers group I belong to over on LibraryThing. These are all of the books published by Virago and Persephone (also allowed) on my TBR at the moment and, as well as the rest of my #20BooksOfSummer Second Batch books, I plan to read as many of these as I can (and five of them will make up my third batch, I just need to decide which five).

Are you doing AV/AA? What’s on your summer reading list? Have you read any of the books I have upcoming (some of you sent me some of these, so I’m pretty sure you have!)