20BooksofSummer logoI felt time was pressing on and although I’m still finishing off books in sets 1 and 2, I should post my last batch of plannned reads; also, I’ve started reading one of them already! You can see those two sets of books on my main #20BooksOfSummer 2015 page; that has links to all the reviews. I have read 10 of my 20 books already, and am in the middle of (oops) three more, so I might just do it. Might. Of course, I have read more than 20 actual books since I started, as I’ve had review copies and other projects on the go, but this is of the ones I’ve nominated to be part of the project.

20booksofsummerSo, these are my final five, and they’re fitting in with the All Virago / All August theme which is done by the LibraryThing Virago Group I belong to. It probably actually counts as cheating to pull the shortest book off my TBR, but I want a chance of finishing my 20, so …

E.H. Young – “Jenny Wren” and “The Curate’s Wife” – these come as a pair, so have to be read together if you have both of them, right?

Susan Glaspell – “Brook Evans” – I read her book “Fidelity” not that long ago, so I’m really looking forward to this one.

Dorothy Whipple – “Greenbanks” – I do love a Whipple, and even though her books are substantial, they’re quick reads. I can’t wait to get into this one!

Molly Panter-Downes – “Minnie’s Room” – I read the title story in the “Persephone Book of Short Stories” and knew I had to have this book of the set – she has another short story volume that is also on my wishlist.

Have you read any of these? Are you doing #20BooksOfSummer and how are you getting on? I’d love to know!