TBR September 2015I have to admit to being a bit lazy this month – I pulled out some books into a pile to read on a couple of journeys I’m planning in September, and I couldn’t face putting them back in to make the TBR look like it normally does (it’s late in the evening and I got soaked and thunderstormed at while running this evening, so, whatever …) So, just imagine four of the books in the pile are vertical, and the white book with the black bands on it is the last book on the front layer. Not great, not terrible. I actually read 12 books last month (I have one left to review) plus a bit of another, so it’s keeping moving.

Sept 2015 currentI did have a DNF, which was Iser’s “The Act of Reading”. I was reading and noting that one for my Iris Murdoch research, but it’s Very Hard, and I realised I only really needed to approach the introduction and mention more general stuff in my research, so that went in the Life’s Too Short category and back on the shelf … oh, on the desk pile, waiting to be written up in my notebook. And I read five books for All Virago / All August although three of them were two Persephones and a Women’s Press book …

I’m currently reading three books. Dorothy Whipple’s “Greenbanks” reminds me a little of the set-up for Mary Hocking’s “An Irrelevant Woman” with its older woman coming to terms with her children becoming adults, and which really needs longer bursts than I have been managing. John Algeo’s “British or American English?” is a little disappointing so far, because you’d think, being called that and published by Cambridge, that it would be comparing American with British English, but in fact the basis of it is American English and it’s not as useful as it might be.  But I’m glad that the #20BooksOfSummer project has made me pick it off the side-pile. The other is – still – Trollope’s “Dr. Thorne” which, again, I need to devote more chunks of time to. Work should ease off a bit very soon, then I can do that, I hope.

These books are numbers 15, 16 and 17 in #20BooksOfSummer – that’s not over until 4 September, so I’ll do a round-up then. I won’t finish it because one is a DNF and one is being held aside for a little while, but I’ve not done badly.

Sept 2015 coming upComing up are four light books for some travelling reading (seeing old friends, etc.) and Tracey Thorn’s book on singing, which I have to read and return to my friend Sian by the time the Birmingham Book Festival begins, so I’ll have to read that pretty sharpish. Also coming up is the first in the third Forsyte Saga trilogy – exciting!

So, what are your autumn reading plans? If you’re doing #20BooksOfSummer, how are you doing? Have you read any of these books?