20BooksofSummer logoWell, the #20BooksOfSummer reading project finished on 04 September, and thank you to Cathy over at the 746 Books blog for having the idea and letting me join in part way through.

I’ve listed the books on a page here, as I thought it would be fun to have a permanent record, and I might well do it again next year. I did enjoy it, and drew some real positives out of it – so here’s my report.

How did I do?

Although I didn’t officially finish 20 books, I’m pleased with my achievement.

I read, finished and reviewed 15 books.

I started and am still reading 2 books – one I need some bigger chunks of time for, and one I only started on 3 September; if I’d started the whole thing earlier, I would have got these done in time. I still started them, and enjoyed a nice chunk of them, though!

I started and Did Not Finish 2 books (however, this was a positive – one I read enough to use for my research and one I read enough to realise it wasn’t what I thought it was; neither would probably have been read without this challenge (see below)).

I did not start one book. This was a book of Bible stories in Icelandic. I decided that I needed a larger swathe of quiet time for this one, so will take it with me on an upcoming holiday and try for some of it then.

You can find out which books I read and click through to their reviews here.


There were two massive positives to the challenge, and both hold equal importance for me.

I really did make myself read books off the ancillary piles to my TBR, and one scary book I was nervous of even starting. Even though I didn’t finish two of these extras, I would not have even started them without the project. I also got on with a couple of books on Kindle that I kept not getting round to.

I gained some new readers and commenters for this blog (Hello!!!!) and found some more people’s book blogs to read and enjoy, including some who read a HUGE variety of book genres and authors. How lovely!


There’s nothing really negative about the experience. I did wonder if I’d immediately rebel against having A List, and I did, a little bit (I certainly read more than 20 books during the time I was doing this challenge!). The only real problem was starting later than everyone else (entirely my fault) so I missed out on the excitement at the start and had to catch up with my reading and my fellow bloggers.

So, all in all this was a fun project that I enjoyed being part of – thanks again, Cathy!