October tbrA bit of a quick round-up as I’m in the middle of a HUGE work project at the moment – but I have made time for a nice lot of reading in September, what with a week’s holiday in Cornwall involving a 6 hour train journey each way … and maybe a little staying up after midnight to read Icelandic crime novels every now and again …

Anyway, to the left is the TBR, and although there is a BIG pile of said Icelandic crime novels, I have already read two of them (not pictured, obviously) and the actual main TBR is a bit smaller than normal, extending at the front only to that Virago-black hardback-Virago combo half way along.  I read 11 books in September and had two Did Not Finishes, and only three books were on Kindle, so that helped.

Seb Hunter, Dorothy WhippleI’m currently reading these two plus Bill Bryson’s book on Shakespeare, which is very good so far (watch out for the reviews once I’ve written about the last three September reads). The Dorothy Whipple Persephone is “Because of the Lockwoods” and is the last of hers I have left to read in Persephone – oh no! Seb Hunter’s book on heavy metal is a joy, and also somewhat of a contrast.

Oct 2015 coming upComing up – well, quite the variety there, I think! A couple of novels, some autobiography, a touch of design, children’s books – something for everyone. Have you read any of these? I’m really looking forward to them, and I can’t even choose which one I’m most looking forward to! The other acquisitions from my terrible activities last month have been safely stowed away at the end of the shelf.

I do have one reading project to work on this month, but it’s just the next Forsyte Saga book, so nothing too taxing as they’re fun to read and full of events and characters (yes, the last one is one of the ones I have left to review).

1924-ClubI also just wanted to mention the 1924 club, which my blogging friends Simon at Stuckinabook and Karen at Kaggsysbookishramblings are coordinating – the idea is to read a book published in 1924 this month. I haven’t combed through the TBR yet (I know the next two Viragoes were both published in 1908 – bah!) but if there’s not one on there, it’s such a lovely idea that I’m going to pick out a re-read from my shelves.

So, what are you reading? Have you read any of these books that I’m reading or are coming up? Are you doing any autumn challenges?