Wyke Farms Superlight Cheese

Wyke Farms Superlight Cheese

Way back when I discovered I had high cholesterol and became determined to get it down using diet rather than drugs, my friend Gill went to the Good Food Show and came back with some SuperLight cheese by small producer Wyke Farms. Hooray – created for a family member who had high cholesterol himself, this cheese had only 1.5% saturated fat. And.




it tasted really nice. Like proper cheddar. Because it was proper cheddar. Cheese you would want to cut a slice off and actually eat (but would melt nicely on toast or on top of your pasta, too). I wrote about it in my book. I wrote about it in this blog.

First of all, I could get it from a few places locally. Then it narrowed down. But hey, it was OK, because I could still get it direct from Wyke Farms, in packs of three, for only £12. (And it worked really well, by the way – came in the post, never any problems, even in the summer.)

And then, I went to order it again and it was NO LONGER THERE.

I got in touch with Wyke Farms.

They had had to discontinue production.

Because even though it’s brilliant cheese with a good taste that has low enough saturated fat not to affect the cholesterol levels of those of us (and there are thousands of us, right) whose cholesterol is affected by their saturated fat consumption, the supermarkets, while stocking other Wyke Farms products, did not get behind this one. They don’t order it, people don’t know about it, people stop buying it …

Well, I don’t want to stop buying it. Given that I pay £2.50 odd for a much smaller block of really quite inferior “cholesterol reducing” cheese, which has more saturated fat, and which I certainly wouldn’t want to slice a bit off just to nibble, I would pay MORE for this cheese, even if I had to order it online.

I would love Wyke Farms to reconsider, and to re-start production, on a smaller scale, selling online. Wouldn’t you? Please say yes. Because Wyke Farms is a business and they need to see that there’s demand before they start making a load of cheese they don’t know if they can sell.

I’m spreading the word on social media. I’m sharing this post on my other blogs. I’m asking YOU, if you would buy this cheese again (or for the first time), PLEASE pop a comment below AND share this post, using the place you found it on social media and/or the sharing buttons below, to say please Wyke Farms, reconsider and continue producing SuperLight Cheese for people who eat low fat, whether for their cholesterol or other reasons!

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

  • Share my posts if you see them on social media
  • Share this post using the sharing buttons below
  • Comment that you’d buy the cheese if they started producing it.
  • Bookmark this page and I will post an update if we’re successful.

PS Wyke Farms are in no way connected to this blog post. They will know about it about 2 minutes after I posted it, because I’m going to tell them, and they might share my plea if I’m lucky, but this was done entirely off my own bat.