Nov 15 tbrOh woe! Grieve, oh Venuses and Cupids, for my TBR is only more massive than it was before. The TBR which used to hover around a shelf to a shelf and a half is no more. And although I’ve read some books on Kindle and review copies and books off those terrible piles of books that I pictured last time (look there if you wish, I can’t face posting the pic again), the actual TBR looks much as it did last time (see below for the lie, again, of what I’ll be reading next).

The Phoenix ProjectWhat am I reading currently? I’m on the LAST of the Forsyte Saga books at the moment on my Kindle, and a great read it is, too, with horrible husbands and feeble potential boyfriends, independent women and family pride. I’ve so enjoyed re-reading this series. I’m also reading this rather odd book which has been going around my husband’s work and he’s listened to on audiobook – it’s a novelisation of the process of instilling Agile principles in a workplace. As you do. Although it is a bit odd and geeky, it does give me an insight into IT departments and the relationships between programmers, testers and operations, and it has a weird charm which is keeping me reading.

Dorothy Richardson - PilgrimageI  have my next reading project lined up already – how fortuitous that some friends in the LibraryThing Virago Group have decided to read the 13 novels in Dorothy Richardson’s pioneering work of Stream of Consciousness, “Pilgrimage” just as I acquired the middle two, having owned book 1 for years and found book 4 in a charity shop in the spring. So starting this month, I’ll be reading one individual book (the volumes contain two to five each) per month through 2016.

Nov 15 coming up 1And I really do promise to make inroads into these. I have to – I already have several book-shaped parcels milling around waiting for Christmas. But I have a plan, a new policy: Making Time for Reading. As far as I’m able, I’m going to read …

  • In the bit of time between waking up and having breakfast
  • In the bit of time between 6pm and M getting home
  • In bed, where I will have retired earlier than I have been of an evening

I did read eight books in November, but most were easy reads and were picked off for that reason. Time to read these enticing lovelies that have been languishing at the front of the TBR for TOO LONG.

Did you spot the Easter Egg in the first paragraph, by the way? There is a prize of absolutely nothing except glory if you did …