Feb 2016 TBROh dear, I’ve been slipping behind terribly with my blog posts (I’ll be sitting downstairs while some people replace the window in my study tomorrow, so expect the odd Like and comment if you’re a fellow blogger, but I’ll have to skip some of them) and now here I am, having posted a State of the TBR every first of the month for a couple of years, getting in just under the wire.

Feb 2016 confessionsAnd as you can see the TBR is still two deep all the way along, but there’s nothing horizontal on the back row, so I must be doing something right. It’s actually grown by two, which I picked up at the BookCrossing meetup in January. I’ve wanted to read “Mrs ‘Arris Goes to Paris” for ages (and I suspect it might cover a year in my Century of Reading) and the David Mitchell was recommended by a friend, who suggested one read it in the author’s voice (in your head).

Feb 2016 currently readingI did read thirteen books in January (although some were from the Other Piles and the Kindle) so I think I’m allowed to acquire two …

As well as the interminable Ken Livingstone autobiography (if he’d not tried to write a history of all history and minute every meeting he went to, it might have been a little more entertaining, but I Struggle On), I’ve been reading the first three Chalet School books and have just started the rather wonderful “Crossriggs”, which I already don’t want to end. A good small town tale with lovely heroines and a satisfying portrayal of society. Next up will be “To the Lighthouse” – I rather liked these two somewhat pensive women on the covers. That’s for Ali’s WoolfAlong, and of course I’ll have the next volume of Dorothy Richardson, too. Hooray!

Feb 2016 coming upAfter those, this is the first chunk of the TBR – a nice but dense book about translating, a slightly scary book about Iris Murdoch, another Virago (should I save them for All Virago, All August? Um … no), a book about letters, a lovely Mitford sister, and a Michael Cunningham. I might pull out Charlie Hill’s “Books” which comes quite a lot further on, as I gave a copy to a friend for Christmas and I’d rather like to read it alongside her.

Have you read any of these? Did you have a good reading January? And how is your TBR? Hope to visit some of you on your blogs again soon, too!