I’ve been inspired  by this post on the Hogglestock blog to think about whether posting pictures of all of my bookshelves might be fun. What do you think? Would you like to see that?

However, to do that, I will need to do some shelving. So today I give you my fiction (re)shelving shelves (they’re not normally this organised; I put them into alphabetical order for this photo and to ease the shelving) …

Shelf by shelf shelvingI hope you can see all of these OK. They represent something quite specific: they are …

  • fiction books
  • which I have acquired to read (most of them)
  • or acquired to give to someone else then it arrived damaged so I got them something else and kept that for myself because I couldn’t send them a damaged book (“This Little World” – I wonder if the recipient can guess who they are)
  • or pulled out to re-read (“The Bell”, “To Kill a Mockingbird” and the Virginia Woolfs)
  • and which I am keeping, i.e. I would consider I would have a good chance of reading again
  • and are not teen / YA / children’s fiction, which have their own shelving pile

Looking at these two shelves, they are pretty representative of my general fiction reading – 20th century classics, Virago reprints, books by authors I collect (Sackville-West, Murdoch, Tyler, Binchy), books by people I know (Paul Magrs, Professor Elemental, Helen Cross), very few very modern books, horse books (the Jane Smiley), books from second-hand shops.

So, would there be interest in having a look through my bookshelves every now and again? Say a shelf every week or so? I’m not going to post the reviews to all of these, as they’re fairly recent reads and you can use the search option to the right of this post, but I might link to a few or talk about the authors a bit. What do you think?