I still have shelving to do, but I got inspired by Annabel from Annabel’s House of Books’ post on her TBR rainbow to whip my TBR out onto the floor (having photographed it first so I could maintain the order) and put it in the order of the rainbow! And here it is! Sadly, it’s come out a bit blurry, but hopefully you get the idea.

March 2016 spectrumIn its usual form, books do butt up against each other oddly, as I keep it in order of acquisition, and I do tend to acquire fairly randomly, unless a set of Viragoes arrives with me, all neat with their green spines (and all together here, too). Sporting biographies have come together but Edith Sitwell nestles next to Mark Twain, some books on Iceland are still together (Laxness and Byatt’s Ragnarok) and some which weren’t together are now (Butterflies in November, Moon Country and The Greenlanders).

Even though the Viragoes are all of the same vintage, the colour variations show up, and although it’s heavily weighted towards green by them, does everyone have so few purple books, or is it just me?

March 2016 monochromeAnd, of course, there isn’t just a rainbow – white, cream, brown, grey and black feature, too. So here they are. These seem very varied, London War Notes meeting an explorer who might find a novel cure in reading about pop music.

Well, there we go – that was fun, and I got them all into the correct order again. Anyone else for a go? And did anything surprise you from the back end of my TBR that doesn’t usually see the light of day?