To Be Read shelf April 2016Well, I’m quite proud of this. Compared to last month, things have definitely moved along! I have read quite a lot in the last month (11 books, in fact, with two Did Not Finishes removing themselves from the shelves, too), and although a couple of those came in during the month and one was for review, so none of those got onto the actual shelf, I do feel like I’ve made progress (or can buy some new ones, of course …)

I had a nice time yesterday finishing off three books that were in progress, so I was left with only one carry-over.

April 2016 currentThis is what I’m reading at the moment or about to start. I’m part-way through Margery Sharp’s excellent “The Nutmeg Tree”, which, as with “Cluny Brown”, I am holding off on reviewing until a little later in the month, as the reviews need to coincide with their reissue (eee!). I’m definitely going straight on to Harold Nicolson’s third volume of Diaries and Letters, as I’ve so enjoyed the other two, so that’s my Downstairs Read, and my Upstairs/Handbag read will be the  only Michael Cunningham I’ve not yet read – exciting! And then, even though I struggled with Book 4, it’s on with Dorothy Richardson and the next installment of her “Pilgrimage” series. Oh, and I also have some Virginia Woolf on the Kindle for Heaven-Ali’s #Woolfalong – now the TBR is a  bit freer, I don’t feel so bad about reading from the Kindle!

April 2016 coming up

I also need to get hold of another Mary Hocking for Ali’s Mary Hocking Reading Week (they’ve been reissued so I’ll order a nice Bello Books one) and want to join in the 1938 Club being hosted by Simon and Kaggsy if I can …

Coming up longer-term (and isn’t it nice not to see that Ken Livingstone book on this picture!) I have these lovelies. That’s a Penguin 80 peeping round Roy Jenkins, yes – an Icelandic saga. Jenkins is someone I know little about and this is supposed to be a very good biography. Also some Sitwell, a book on the alphabet, a book on Iceland by a poet, Chris Hadfield’s pearls of wisdom, a Barbara Kingsolver novel that’s new to me, a satire by the excellent local author Charlie Hill and another sports biography – not a bad mix, with the Woolf novels stirred in, too.

I will also continue sharing bookshelf photos, as people have enjoyed the ones I’ve posted so far. I need to get up on a ladder to shelve some first, though, and have sore ribs after a slight running mishap over Easter, so not sure when that will start properly!

Now, here’s a bit of a confession. Some of you will know that I read my TBR in pretty well acquisition order, with Big Books being read Downstairs and novels and smaller books slotting in in bed, on the sofa and on journeys, and Easy Books being picked off if I’m feeling feeble, but generally in order. So when a nice chap from my Photo-A-Day project group who was my Secret Santa last year asked innocently whether I’d got to the book he sent me on Mark Twain yet, I had to admit no, and I probably won’t for a while.

Given that I’m on the Macclesfield Hoard at the moment, which I bought on 28 March 2015, well … here, Tedd, is an indication of where your book is in the sequence …

April 2016 TBR Tedd's book

Yes, it might take a little while …

How are your TBRs, dear readers? What do you have coming up in April?