May 2016I was a bit confused by the fact that my TBR didn’t seem to have gone down very much since 1 April, but then I checked, and out of the ten books I read in April, four were e-books, three were off the Side Pile and one was a new book, leaving only two ones read from the actual TBR shelf, and both of those having been taken off it before I photographed it. So here’s the TBR complete with Pile – I’m so chuffed this is now only (less than) a shelf high – I do have one pile of Three Investigators Mysteries, but it’s nothing like the shambles of a while back! Hooray! I really haven’t acquired much recently, so that’s working well, too. Just keep out of those charity shops …

May 2016 currently readingjpg I’m currently still reading this excellent biography of Roy Jenkins – such a funny cover photo – and very much enjoying it. I’ve just finished my #Woolfalong book for March – April, “Between the Acts”, which again I very much enjoyed, though kicking myself for accidentally reading her last book first instead of her first one. I think the Sitwell book and book about the alphabet that you can see on the left of the shelf are  more serious, Downstairs books, so I’ve picked off Simon Armitage’s book about Iceland, after watching Rick Stein’s programme about food there last night and having got back into my marathon training now my injured ribs are pretty well healed.

May 2016 coming upComing up after those, well, this is probably the same as last month’s photo, give or take. But as I just have (maybe) another Woolf novel, two VERY slim volumes of Woolf short stories (to read in two months) and a medium-sized Dorothy Richardson stacked up in the reading challenge piles, I reckon I’ll be at these soon enough. Excitingly, the Kingsolver was bought near the end of May last year, so I might only be a year behind myself again soon!

Have you read any of these? How are your challenges going? Have you got any exciting reading coming up in May?