Katys pony summer

Well it actually feels like the summer now, doesn’t it; I read this lovely book last month when it wasn’t nearly so warm and sunny, so it’s a perfect book for all weathers. The author, Victoria Eveleigh, was kind enough to send me a copy, as I’ve read all of her other Katy, Exmoor pony and Joe books (stick the author’s name in the Search box to find all my previous reviews) and I’ve held this review back until the book was officially published – links to find out more and buy at the bottom.

Victoria Eveleigh – “Katy’s Pony Summer”

(15 April 2016, from the author)

Fifth in the lovely Katy series, in which we grow up with Katy and learn about Exmoors and general pony management alongside her – with the humour and charm that you’d expect from a classic pony book, but brought up to date with modern lives and technology.

Katy’s all set to have a proper pony girl summer, just like in the books, including camping out with her best friend, but of course nothing goes to plan, she finds an injured foal and then ends up facing spending the summer nursing him, not something she’s naturally adept with at first. People rally round, and even her dad, who famously doesn’t like horses, ponies or especially Exmoors, starts to come round in a very sweet and amusing way.

There’s also a mystery, as someone is breaching fences and possibly poaching. The wonderful deer of Exmoor are in danger, but these men’s actions have other repercussions, too. Will the bogs of the moor claim a victim as the girls set out for a quick camping trip? Possibly? Will you end up cheering on an almost inanimate object in the form of one of these bogs? Possibly? Will the foal heal well enough to be able to enjoy a normal life? You can’t be sure on that one, as Eveleigh has included nature red in tooth and claw in her books before …

Another lovely read; this series really does belong with the classic pony books, enhanced by the delightful illustrations.

Learn more on Victoria Eveleigh’s website and order direct if you wish to avoid the big retailers; the book is also available to buy from Amazon.