June 2016 TBRIt’s been a bit of a blogapalooza on here recently – this is the last post for a bit as I’m all caught up with my pre-June reading and reviewing (that’s not entirely true, actually) and will have to get some more reading done now before I post again!

Here’s the TBR in all its glory, looking very svelte and empty indeed. I think the only one I added this month was the Salman Rushdie that’s on the top of the Pile, waiting for Mr Liz to start reading it on audio book (he’s still enjoying “Flight Behaviour” at the moment). I’m pleased that after months of horrendousness, I am reading more than I’m acquiring at the moment. I did entertain wild thoughts of getting it down to Zero TBR and just reading books as I acquired them, but that’s a bit scary. Anyway, the front shelf ends at Flintoff and that’s a big gain for me!

TBR June 2016

I’ve just snuck in two books of Virginia Woolf short stories for #Woolfalong, which took me through the strangely bookless gap after I finished “Night and Day” yesterday, and then this morning, it was time to start the books I’d been itching to start for #20BooksOfSummer – it’s amazing how much you want to read what you can’t read yet, isn’t it! So, there’s a book about the alphabet by Michael Rosen, which is my dinner table / downstairs read, and Charlie Hill’s satire on the book industry, “Books” for my upstairs and handbag read, both now started (if you look closely, you can see the bookmarks) and both very good so far.

June 2016 coming upI’ve fulfilled my Woolf requirements for the month, so there will be just one Dorothy Richardson volume coming up outside of these (and some from the Pile, maybe) so a nice collection of fiction , non-fiction and social history, with the Kynaston obviously having to wait for me to finish the Rosen so it can be my Downstairs book for a while.

Are you doing #20BooksOfSummer and if so, have you started yet? What’s your first one? And where IS the summer?? It’s freezing, grey and rainy here …