20 books of summer 2016

20 books of summer 2016

As predicted, my reading has slowed dramatically since mid-last week as I had a massive (but fun and exciting) work project to do. I’m also working my way through that giant hardback you can see near the bottom of the pile (David Kynaston’s “Modernity Britain”) which is brilliant, but is taking me a while.

I started reading Salman Rushdie’s “Two Years, etc.” and I think I got a fair way through it, but you know what? I just don’t like it. Mr Liz has been listening to the audio book, which doesn’t have the best narrator, apparently, and is also not hugely keen. I know one of my fellow book bloggers has loved it and one has returned the audio book, so it’s obviously one that divides people.

So, I am putting that one to one side, and that means I have space to add another one at the end! I have had a look at the TBR and I’m going to include Robertson Davies’ “A Mixture of Frailties”, which is the final book in his Salterton Trilogy which has been sitting on my bedside table since I read the second volume, about a year ago.

I’ve also decided to swap 150 pages of Icelandic Bible stories for 50 pages of Icelandic text about volcanoes, as what I hope is a more achievable objective there.

20 books swaps

So, some swapsies, Book 5 read but not yet reviewed, and Book 6 being read at present – not too bad, really. How are you all doing? I have to admit I have fallen behind with my blog reading, too …