1947 club logoAlthough I HAVE been reading (promise), I haven’t finished anything since the end of 20BooksOfSummer. I’m reading Stuart Maconie’s “The People’s Songs” which is entertaining, but I do have a few issues with it, and Edith Wharton’s “The Gods Arrive”, which is the sequel to “Hudson River Bracketed” which I finished recently and loved; this one is sadder and a bit less persistent in wanting to be picked up and read. I’ve also been watching Paralympics coverage, which hasn’t added to my reading time.

Anyway, with 20BooksOfSummer over, it was time for a new challenge, and fortunately, Simon at Stuckinabook and Karen at Kaggsysbookishramblings are hosting another of their fab year reads from 10-16 October. The idea is that everyone reads books published in a particular year and shares their reviews, showing off a variety of new books for people to find out about and also introducing book bloggers to each other.

E.H. Young Chatterton Square

There are various options published in 1947 listed on their blog posts, but some, like Patrick Hamilton’s “The Slaves of Solitude” I’d already read, and others didn’t appeal. Of course I looked through my own library and of course I have plenty of books from the years either side … so it came about that I ordered a copy of E.H. Young’s “Chatterton Square”. Set as usual for this author in a fictionalised Bristol and examining the interplay between and within families, this does look like a classically excellent novel and I can’t wait to get into it in just under a month’s time.

I’m continuing with my other challenges, of course. Woolfalong is Essays and Non-Fiction and I’ve got the two volumes of “The Common Reader” to read, but I’m saving them up for next month when I have a couple of nice long journeys. I will admit to not having started my next Dorothy Richardson volume yet, so will have to break my usual habit and start her after I finish my Wharton (I like to space my Viragoes out a bit better than that).

sept-2016-3One more confession (if we don’t count the copy of “The Gods Arrive” that I bought, got into the house, went to shelve, realised I already had a copy obtained IN THE SAME BATCH as “Hudson River Bracketed” and promptly sent to Karen). We need a new shower and were looking at various plumbing and enclosures at the weekend. I hadn’t realised there was a The Works concession in our local Co-op and spotted Mark Mason’s “Mail Obsession” – it might not be in our local one! So yes, I went out to buy a shower and came back with a book about postcodes (jauntily posed on our top stairs). Hm.

Are you doing the 1947 club or any other challenges? Heard of any good ones for next year? I know one person is running a Hobbit / Lord of the Rings one and I am considering that … or should I just get on with working my way through Trollope?