nov-2016-tbrWell, considering October involved book-buying at the beginning and end of the month, I’m quite pleased with how the TBR is looking! Six out of the ten books I read last month were from the shelf, and I discarded one before I started reading it, so that’s going to have helped, and I did take quite a substantial one off the shelf yesterday, although I am already part-way through it, so that’s fine!


Currently reading or about to start, I have the fun “The Novel Cure”, which prescribes novels to read for various ills and ailments on the go at the moment. “Footprints in Spain is being read for Shiny New Books, and of course there will be the PENULTIMATE volume of “Pilgrimage”!

Notwithstanding what’s coming up on the TBR main shelf (see just below!), I do want to read the second volume of Virginia Woolf’s “The Common Reader” and, if I have time, “A Writer’s Diary”, so I’ll be leaving the last bit of #Woolfalong for December (do I have a copy of “Jacob’s Room”, “The Waves” or “The Years”? I fear not …

I do appear to have 11 fiction and around 25 non-fiction books on the main TBR, so I’ll be introducing a few more Reykjavik Murder Mysteries into my reading, I’m sure.


Coming up on the shelf are these lovelies. “London War Notes” was a Christmas 2015 present, then the next two were part of a 2-for-3 on 29 December (sounds like a book token spend) and then we leap forward a bit so I should stay caught up until I reach October 2017 … So a Persephone, a book about reading, a book about language, TWO books about music and one of Iris Murdoch’s letters – certainly they don’t cover all of my non-fiction tastes, but I’m looking forward to reading them!

What are your reading plans for November? Have you read any of these?