Reykjavik sun voyagerI’m on holiday in Reykjavik at the moment (I can tell the world this because Mr Liz is safely at home) and of course as usual I took two print books and my Kindle – one print book for each flight and the Kindle to cover those million NetGalley titles, and then didn’t finish the first print book until a few days in. Oh well. I’ve also lost touch with the other blogs I read, although aiming to resolve that now – oh, the unpacking of tech from its cases I had to do at the airport … What is your arrangement for holiday books? I do prefer print books for the plane in case you  have to stow them quickly, etc., and lean towards light novels, travel writing and essays.

The photo is of the Sun Voyager sculpture, by the way. Last time I was this close to it, I was running the Reykjavik Marathon! I have done one bit of running here – in snow and high winds – but today it’s too snowy on the pavements to risk it. Lots of walking has been done, though!

Marian Keyes –  “Making it up as I go Along”

(acquired ?November 2016? It was left unregistered on the BookCrossing shelf in the cafe)

Following on from her previous two collections, this is a newer book of her magazine and blog pieces and some unpublished work, covering the usual themes of shopping, makeup, shoes and family stuff with some more serious mentions of mental health issues and various ways of resolving them. There was also a big section of travel writing.

Amusing enough in small doses, as indeed these were written but at 440 pages and with a lot about her I’m sure great but pretty standard family, perhaps one to dip into or for the MK completist. I would however be churlish if I wasn’t glad to see her doing well and with a big collection published by Penguin.

I’m currently reading NetGalley book “A Secret Garden” by Katie Fforde, which is a light fiction read and competent and well done if not completely earth-shattering (I never sleep well the first couple of nights away, so this is a Good Thing). I have received some enticing Elizabeth Fair titles and have E. Nesbit’s “The Lark” on its way from the Furrowed Middlebrow imprint of Dean Street Press (Scott from Furrowed Middlebrow has blogged about the upcoming titles here) so they will be something exciting to get my teeth into when I get back! How are you all doing?