TBR shelf March 2017Another one off the TBR – I am trying to keep one TBR book and one review book going at all times, so as to give equal attention to both sides. This is almost my last book from the autumn’s trip to Astley Book Farm – I have a Hard Book about literature that I didn’t quite fancy picking up next and a D.E. Stevenson I’m sort of saving and then those are exhausted. But as you can see, I’m not lacking reading matter …

Lord Kinross – “The Innocents at Home”

(3 September 2016 – Astley Book Farm)

Otherwise known as Patrick Balfour, this chap takes in his 1959 book a very British view of American life in New York and various parts of the South, South-West, West Coast, etc. He’s good on the struggle to fit into New York life, which is stratified in very different ways to his homeland, and the descriptions of the artists he falls in with are the most lively part of the book. He’s descriptive and aware but dismissive of the Colour Bar as only an British aristocrat could be. There’s perhaps too much description of some of the quite ordinary people he meets – there’s nothing amazingly interesting about them but he describes them as if they’re household names. Another writer who is wry and Eric Newby-ish but not up to the great man’s travel writing; but looking at his biography, he wrote several scholarly works, so this looks like a light-hearted by-product of some trips to the US. Readable but slight.

I’ve picked up “The Moon Stallion” to read next as my non-review book but it’s a bit scary for the evenings (I scared myself silly with the TV series in the 70s). So Leigh Gallagher’s “The Airbnb Story” is doing double duties as mealtime and bedtime read at the moment. It’s very good indeed, though, so not a problem.

What are you reading RIGHT NOW? Have you read more fiction or non-fiction this month so far?