To be read April 2017

Well, I don’t think this is looking too bad, given the state it was in back in February! It’s been helped by the fact that I finished 12 books in March (11 reviewed, one still to review), which is quite a high total for me these days. As I mentioned in my last review, this is probably down to there being not very much at all on the TV that I’ve wanted to watch. I do have a Pile which was added to in the month with some light Debbie Macomber reads, but then a Reykjavik Murder Mystery came off the pile, so …

Currently reading April 2017

I love the fact that I’m currently reading an old-style Pelican (I’ve got all the way through to Poetry in “The Modern Writer and his World”; it’s very readable although I kind of wish he’d gone by decade and not by genre) and a new-style Penguin (I’m very much enjoying this book about making a lot of things out of an ash tree). One bought on the Charing Cross Road and one bought in Penzance, which is nice.

Books up next April 2017

Up next, I have this lot. Is this representative of my reading taste – a running book, two music memoirs, a children’s book from the 1920s/30s, a mid-century reprint, a Mitford autobiography and a Francis Brett Young? Probably not (add in a Virago or Persephone, a travel book and some sociology, and maybe) but it looks like a lovely lot to keep me going. I’ve only got two Arnaldur Indriðasons left and have four more Elizabeth Fairs to review, so those will feature this month, too).

Anything special going on for you for April? Did you have a good reading month in March? Which of these appeal to you?