Well, the TBR has ended up about the same size as it was last month, but there’s a big difference in the books that are on it. If you have a look at the May post, that first Persephone was a good seven books in, and the PILE had ten books in it rather than the four it has now. I had a massive reading month in May and it’s nice to have brought some new and exciting stuff round to the front.

I actually moved Jon Kalman Stefansson’s “The Heart of Man” onto the Pile as it’s the third in a trilogy and that’s where that kind of thing that I can’t read immediately goes. But, erm, having noticed that and moved it, I seem to have ordered the first two. Oh well, they’re set in Iceland so they fit in the collection management policy, right? I also ordered Amit Katwala’s “The Athletic Brain: How Neuroscience is Revolutionising Sport and can Help you Perform” because someone was talking about it in a running and reading group I’m in, and had a fit of Kindle-clicking and bought Shion Miura’s “The Great Passage” from an Amazon advanced reads offer (a Japanese novel about writing dictionaries? Yes, please!). Handily, there was nothing I wanted out of the six for this month in the email newsletter I signed up for.

I’m currently reading the excellent “The Professor’s House” by Willa Cather – I’m nearly done and the dual setting of the Midwest and New Mexico just seems to encapsulate everything I like about her writing in one book.

I’m then set to start on my #20BooksofSummer challenge and you can see my pile for that here. Most of the books in this pic are part of that. Lots of bloggers I read already are taking part in that and I’m looking forward to being in that special community of readers over the summer months.

I published a post on my professional blog today which I’d love some of you to pop over and read if you have a moment. It’s about responding to comments on blogs, and I’d really like to hear your opinions on whether that’s something that matters a lot to you in the blogs you read. Please pop and have a look and comment there if you have a min. Thank you!

What are you reading on this (sunny here) first day of June? What variety have you got coming up?