Well my book wishes have come to roost, and I’ve had a lot of lovelies popping through my letterbox this week. Read on to find out more, but first of all, I’ve got a lovely giveaway, which I’m organising via BookCrossing but don’t be alarmed, all will be made simple below.

Linda Gillard four books

The lovely author Linda Gillard has sent me print copies of four of her books to share! She has been a Friend of BookCrossing from the publication of her earliest novels (BookCrossing is a site for sharing book reviews and giving books away by leaving them on park benches, etc. – it’s also a way to share books by sending them on through a list of readers).

Two of them I’ve read and two I haven’t, so two will start out on their journeys before the others. Read the descriptions and post in the comments if you’d like to read one or more of the books.


“Emotional Geology” is my favourite of hers so far and I reviewed it here. Think Scottish islands and climbing and a lovely hero!

“Untying the Knot” has a hero with terrible PTSD who’s trying to restore a castle in the Highlands (as you do). He and his estranged wife need to stop their daughter making a terrible unsuitable marriage – if they can bear to be in the same room, of course. I read this before it was published and it’s a marvellous story.

“The Trysting Tree” is a dual-timeframe novel, with a man walking away from the Somme and a woman grieving under a tree which will only give up its secrets a century later.

In “Cauldstane” we meet a ghost-writer, a brooding yet honourable hero and someone who’s not so keen on him moving on and will do anything to stop him from the other side – a gothic ghost story.

The most comprehensive list of Linda’s novels with lots and lots of reviews is on her Amazon page.


All of the books will be registered on BookCrossing.com and will have a BookCrossing ID. Registered BookCrossers will be first on the list and will pop a review on when they’ve read the book. Non-BookCrossers are VERY WELCOME to take part. All I ask is that when you have the book, you go onto BookCrossing.com, enter the book’s ID and enter a quick review. Note: you do NOT have to join BookCrossing to do this, you can just do it as an anonymous guest. Please comment below on which book(s) you would like to read, with your BookCrossing name if you have one.

When you receive the book, you will need to pass it on to someone else after you’ve read it, if more than one person is interested in that book. They are all paperbacks. If overseas postage is a problem, let me know your country and that it is a problem and I’ll get a sensible order sorted out. It would be great if you could read the book within a month or so then pass it on.

As well as “Cauldstane” and “The Trysting Tree”, which I will be swiftly adding to the TBR, these lovelies have arrived this week:

Christopher Booker’s “The Seven Basic Plots” has been on my wishlist for ages – and Linda happened to have a copy which she didn’t want to read in case it stopped her writing, so she kindly sent it to me. It’s MASSIVE! Eeeps.

Jane Austen’s “Teenage Writings” was sent to me by the lovely Karen from Kaggsysbookishramblings; she reviewed it recently and I was interested. I think I’ll be passing this to Heaven-Ali afterwards.

Jon Kalman Stefansson’s Heaven and Hell” and “The Sorrow of Angels” are the first two in a trilogy of which I have the third – so it had to be done really, didn’t it? These might have to wait until after 20 Books of Summer to start, though.

And Dean Karnazes’ “The Road to Sparta” I have already started, as it’s the Runner’s Bookshelf Facebook group June pick. I thought it would be all serious and gung-ho but it’s actually great fun as he’s a nice character, fairly self-effacing and able to laugh at himself.

Anyway, forgetting the no hope there is for me (dear readers, there are two more books on the way to me still!) do post in the comments below if you’d like to join in the bookrays for Linda Gillard’s novels, remembering to add your BookCrossing name if you are a BookCrosser and letting me know if you aren’t one.