I don’t normally do just a book haul post, but I didn’t want to mix this up with yesterday’s review (I like to review books publishers have sent me without distracting details) and I do like to keep up to date! I kind of fell into The Works on the way back home from volunteering at parkrun on Saturday and this happened. First of all, yes, I know this is not a book. I am a bit obsessed with jigsaw puzzles and, indeed, fear I have nowhere to store this one. I wanted to buy this when I was unwell last month; a 500 piece puzzle doesn’t normally last me long enough. Given that it’s of Cadenabbia on Lake Como in northern Italy and given that I have “Madame Solario” on my 20BooksofSummer list, which is set there, I thought I’d better do the decent thing and buy the puzzle to do when I’m reading the book! There’s a plan!

And so to the books. And look – our new duvet set – hooray! Anyway, I’m off to Cornwall for a weekend with the Project 365 photography group I belong to, in about a month – it’s a long train journey and I thought it would be a lovely idea to take some books set in Cornwall, read them on the train down then share them at the party (people with a good memory will recall that I bought “Breakfast Under a Cornish Sun” a few days ago). Those two have joined the Pile, so aren’t really on the TBR (so don’t count …?).

Then we have “Deep South” by Paul Theroux – he’s someone whose travel books I will always read, and I hadn’t realised he’d done one about the southern states of America, so that’s perfect. And William Sitwell’s “Eggs and Anarchy” is about the people responsible for food rationing and communicating about it in Word War II, which also fits my collection policy well, so is totally OK. I think Sitwell is the grandson of Sacheverell Sitwell, brother of Osbert and Edith, too!

I need to stop now, though, don’t I. I am not photographing the current state of my TBR for (wo)man nor beast …