I was sent this book by the publisher via NetGalley and reviewed it for the lovely Shiny New Books online book review magazine, so just a quick note about it here.

The book is both a state-of-the-nation review of attitudes and happenings post-Brexit vote and a history of the Jarrow march told through a re-walking of the march route on its 80th anniversary. So it attempts to do two things in one book – but fortunately Maconie is a good and accomplished writer and he handles his material beautifully. There’s a lot about commemoration and memory, about fake news and false memories, about the multi-culturalism of our country, but it’s told with Maconie’s trademark warmth and wit, so it never gets worthy.

My full review for Shiny can be found here, and I do encourage you to pop through and read it and maybe have a browse around the categories.

This was Book 9 in my #20BooksOfSummer project, reviewed here a little out of sequence as I’m currently reading Book 16!