I’m catching up a bit here, with an easier novel left over from when I went to Cornwall in July, after having some non-fic. I did try “The King of Lavender Square” but unfortunately it mentioned on the first page an accident involving some animals and I searched and yes, just put in there to advance the plot and I can’t have that, so a no thank you to that one. In fact, this one was a bit less gentle than I’d expected …

Liz Fenwick – “Under a Cornish Sky”

(10 June 2017, The Works)

A step more towards lit fic than chicklit, perhaps, occupying the space Mary Wesley used to control, this second read by this author situates itself on the Helford River and in Falmouth after a start in London.

Demi is betrayed by her boyfriend and escapes to her grandfather’s house in Cornwall. Having recently lost her mother and messed up a job situation, she’s not quite ready for the family secrets her grandfather is all too ready to share. Meanwhile, well-preserved Victoria works on her family home, reclaimed through her unloved husband’s money and a playground for her and her toyboy lovers when he’s away. Fate throws these two women together and there’s plenty of animosity and angst. Victoria is an unattractive character but is racked with the pain of being childless and the treatments she has gone through in the past, and she is then dealt a very – too? I think so – cruel hand by the author to teach her about inner vs outer beauty – I found this plot device a bit heavy-handed and unneccessary, requiring someone to be effectively mutilated before she can become lovable. Hm.

The secondary characters and location were nicely done and it’s readable and decently plotted, with everything hanging together well, but a bit cruel.