Welcome to the Iris Murdoch Readalong. In this post I’m going to explain how things are (hopefully) going to work and then share a little information about the first read, “Under the Net”. Edited to add: I’ve created a page where I am going to link to all the posts for this project, by book title.

These are the covers of the four copies I have of “Under the Net” – the first edition (3rd impression), the Reprint Society edition, the Penguin and the newest Vintage. I’d love it if anyone blogging their reviews could include an image of the copy or copies they have.

How’s it all going to work?

We are going to read a book per month, and the schedule is here.

On the last day of each month I will post a reminder of the next book with a few details. I’ve decided to share the blurbs from all the books I have, to give people an idea of the book without any spoilers. Feel free to comment on this post with your intention to join in, whether you’re reading for the first time or re-reading, etc.

In the middle of the month, I will post my own review of the book. Use this post to share your reviews – if you’ve shared your review on your blog, please post a link in the comments, and if you don’t have a blog, Goodreads account, etc., then feel free to share your review in the comments (so I advise saving this post until you’ve read the book yourself). Whenever you read the book, feel free to pop back to this post to share your review.

At the end of the month, along with the reminder of next month’s book, I’ll pull together a list of all the reviews that have been shared and a summary of the comments. I will try to update this if you read the book later than its month, but can’t promise how much time I can spend doing that.

I’m particularly interested to hear what you think if you’re re-reading the book or if you’re reading it for the first time but you’ve read others of her books – do share those thoughts as well as a standard review. But of course, straight reviews coming to the book cold are also just fine!

“Under the Net”

“Under the Net” was Iris Murdoch’s first novel. Here are the blurbs from the four copies I have, which will give some kind of taster about the book.

I hope you can read those. It’s interesting that the latest one is so short, isn’t it.

Does this one tickle your fancy? Do you plan on reading it? Which edition do you own? Are you new to it or is it a re-read? I look forward to reading it with a few people and getting the project started!