A quick round-up of some Chrismassy Debbie Macombers I wasn’t sure I’d read (thank you for the loan, Linda) and two more books that arrived today.

Debbie Macomber – “A Merry Little Christmas”

I’d already read both the books in this collection, but had forgotten the first one entirely. in “1225 Christmas Tree Lane”, Beth Morehouse has 10 puppies to home and a Christmas tree farm to run, while still yearning for her ex-husband. It brings in all the Cedar Cove residents you could possibly remember in a clever way that reminds you of them all and is a nice Christmassy read.

“5-B Poppy Lane” is tied together by a Christmas visit but is mainly about Ruth’s grandmother’s experiences in the Second World War. I remembered part of that but read it anyway, as it was short.

Debbie Macomber – “Not Just For Christmas”

This should have been the name of the dog one, right? I realised I had already read “Buffalo Valley” so skipped that one, making this pair of volumes count as three books, not four. “Love by Degree” featured sassy Ellen living in a house full of male students and sparring with the homeowner, with the inevitable results, although the ending was a little rushed. All nice gentle books which got me nicely through the end days of the year.

I know I posted a picture of 18 incoming books yesterday, but two things happened.

First off, I got a tax rebate. And I spent a BIT of it on this, “The Flight from the Enchanter”, which I’ve found is the rarest and dearest of the Iris Murdoch first editions (it’s her second novel). Don’t come round: they’re still not that costly, but she is my favourite author.

It arrived yesterday while I was out, so I popped down to the Parcel Depot today and collected it (and two running tops bought with a very handy Decathlon voucher). This is cute: I bought it from eBay from a company called The Book Cellar, and the owner sent me a handwritten note – how lovely!

We went to Oxford to meet up with my best friend and her family, and were back at dinner time so decided to try out a restaurant in Grand Central. We popped into Foyles on the way, as you do, and I spotted this lovely, HALF PRICE!

Well, it would have been rude not to, wouldn’t it … except I didn’t have my book token with me! So I asked them if they could put it behind the till for me, and they did, and I collected it today. Oh, it’s lovely, the illustrations are super and the re-telling looks marvellous. What a treat! (and yes, I know the Neil Gaiman one exists: it also looks lovely and I have a bit of book token left, so …)

Have you been a-buying now the Christmas book season is over?