I read this book – indeed, I BOUGHT this book – because it’s January’s book of the month in the very fun but naughty Runner’s Bookshelf group which my friend Stacey started on Facebook. This is me, the one who received 18 books for Christmas and has a birthday coming up. Just shows the power of peer group pressure … and I do like a running book and Bloomsbury do some good ones. Anyway, it’s quite a short book and a quick read, although also a nice hardback edition, which as I say in the review, is a perfect gift for the runner in your life.

Chas Newkey-Burden – “Running: Cheaper than Therapy”

(3 Jan 2018)

A fun little book – although as the title suggest, it does highlight the therapeutic benefits of running – with lots f short pieces on revolving themes spread through the book, for example, Runners you Know (from the nutrition-obsessed runner to the surprisingly good elderly person), Running Wisdom and quotes included in Running Philosophy. It also collects various runners, either known for being a runner or for being a celebrity who runs, and looks at their often very powerful running stories. There are also longer pieces on, for instance, 26 Reasons to Run and then very quick laughs with signs people hold up at races – so something for everyone, really.

It’s all positive, kindly, parkrun-friendly and nice about the party pack at the back of races (thank you). The 26 Things That Happen When You’re Training for a Marathon was very true (and could only be boosted by 26 things that can happen to derail your marathon, as I try to go for my third one, having avoided falling over a dog and cracking a rib / having a (delayed) operation so far). I also found the fact that this has the up-to-date stories of some of the other writers I’ve read over the years (Paul Tonkinson, Phil Hewitt) but who I’d not kept up with.

An ideal gift for the runner in your life, whether they’re a parkrunner or a marathoner, a trail racer or a road runner, a greyhound or a party pack member. Good stuff.