Oh dear, oh woe, oh dear. This TBR, dear blog readers, is in EXACTLY the same state it was in at the start of February, give or take a few books balanced on the top. How did this happen? I only finished five books in February (wah) and of those, two had been taken off the TBR already and were being currently read, one was an e-book, thus invisible, one was read for Shiny New Books and had been balanced on the top, and one was Iris Murdoch’s “The Bell”, from the Murdoch Pile.

To be fair on me, I’ve also made progress through Barbara Kingsolver’s wonderful “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle” which had to have a pause while I waited for my new glasses to come through, and I’m also wading my way through the marvellous but very detailed “Rise Up, Women!” for Shiny.

On to jollier things. It’s Reading Ireland Month, co-hosted by Cathy from 746 books – read about it here – and I’ve actually got three books by Irish authors to slot into my March reading! Thankfully they’re all fairly small or light, so I should manage it. One of them is Iris Murdoch’s “A Severed Head” (although Murdoch was of Anglo-Irish parentage, she identified very strongly with her Irish side and at least two of her books are set there; I asked Cathy if it was OK to use her for it and it is). I’ve done an introductory post about that one with some lovely covers of books I own, and am very much looking forward to re-reading it.

Then I have two more books which fit the category perfectly – in fact Cathy Kelly is on Cathy the blogger’s list of Iris authors. I’ve been reading her for years; she writes great stories about women and this one, “Between Sisters” is about sisters, as is obvious, with very different lives. Cute cover, too. Felicity Hayes-McCoy’s book “The Library at the Edge of the World” was a random buy in The Works because it had the word Library in the title and is about a woman escaping to small-town Ireland to start a new life. They both look like fun reads.

Hopefully I’ll be getting more time for reading in now I’ve dealt with a bit of a work backlog and I’m also in the final phases of marathon training – the ones that involve going to bed early and getting plenty of rest. These books are, once again (it is a new photo!) waiting for me when I get to that point.

What are your reading plans for March? Are you taking part in Reading Ireland? Any other challenges?